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Feel Naturally Fresh – Enhance!
Holy Lama Naturals does just that for your body, mind and soul. Naturally enhance… Here is a call to feel the taste, the fragrance and the touch of nature in its purity. If you haven’t discovered it yet then it’s here for you now, from the natural extracts company of Holy Lama products-Vaishali Industries. Snuggled in the lush greens of South India, Kerala.

Holy Lama Naturals offers an array of organic wellness and herbal beauty products that are made with the conviction of care and quality, with the knowledge for the right products for the people of today

Holy Lama - Your Natural Enhancers!!

For the discerning womanhood, Holy Lama Naturals has honoured her with the finest beauty enhancers in the market today. Our products range from herbal face creams to neutraceuticals that lend her the fin

Sri. D.V Deo

The late Sri Dattathreya Vinayak Deo, Himself an agriculturalist with tremendous foresight, he was instrumental in the cultivation of vetivert for the first time in India…

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Holy Lama Naturals - Enhance!! Profit from Purity & Quality - Naturally enhance with Holy Lama Naturals products ....An ISO 9001:2000 and GMP certified company in Kerala, India -


Herbal natural soaps, shower gel, bath oils, face wash, shampoos, hair conditioner, hair oil, extra virgin coconut oil, face packs, face & body scrubs, body – face creams & lotions, lip balm, pain – relief balm, skin toners, massage oils, natural aroma therapy oils, perfumes, spice gift box, spice concentrates, herbal drinks and tea, ayurvedic medicinal preparations are some of the products, offered under the brand name "Holy Lama Naturals”.
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