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D V Deo, the pioneer in the natural essential oils and perfumes industry, was set up in 1946. Started in a modest scale, the company and its group of concerns have made significant progress in manufacturing and marketing products of spice concentrates and essential oils. The concept inspired by the lofty ideals of Lama Guru of Bhutan, the symbol of peace, tolerance and brotherhood treated with purity and richness of Indian tradition. Thus, Holy Lama products come with nature’s freshness and goodness embedded in it. Vaishali Industries began as an all-women enterprise, now handles all the brand products of Holy Lama Naturals. In tune with today’s demands and needs. Catering to customers at home and abroad with products ready for retail or in bulk, to any part of the world

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Vaishali Industries, an all-women enterprise, born as a sister concern of D V Deo, generates employment to disadvantaged women. Whilst maintaining international standards of quality, our completely natural custom-made products with eco-friendly packaging are a rage with our customers and clients. And yes, with our male customers too!
Herbal natural soaps, shower gel, bath oils, face wash, shampoos, hair conditioner, hair oil, extra virgin coconut oil, face packs, face & body scrubs, body – face creams & lotions, lip balm, pain – relief balm, skin toners, massage oils, natural aroma therapy oils, perfumes, spice gift box, spice concentrates, herbal drinks and tea, ayurvedic medicinal preparations are some of the products, offered under the brand name "Holy Lama Naturals”. The products are exported to over 30 countries and have earned a high market acceptance and a reputation of excellence and reliability. Many of the herbs used in the production are grown in-house and cultivated in the lush green lands of Kerala to ensure pure quality..

Vaishali Industries

An ISO and GMP Certified Company is committed to manufacture and supply high quality herbal natural products, efficiently in a professional manner, on time, and at the right cost with utmost customer satisfaction, through continual improvement. An exclusive Quality Control team focuses into the Research & Development of minor spices and essential oil bearing plants found in the region. All the products being manufactured in the company are with the "GMP Standards"; hence they are assured of being high in quality and pure. The laboratory is equipped with latest, most modern equipments and skilled staff. Research is an ever ongoing process for newer and better products.

The company suites the availability of more than 100 Holy Lama products in the market. The aim is to bring out as many of the daily use items, making the customers and clients feel and experience a complete herbal natural enhancement that’s made available to them at a fair price.

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Vaishali Industries Major Industrial Estate, K.D Plot P.O., South Kalamassery, Cochin 683 109, Kerala, India.
+91 484 - 2559187, 2559005